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Laser Therapy Studies & Research

830nm Laser Therapy Studies by Condition:

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Laser Penetration

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Laser Effect on the Healing Process

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GM Double Blind Studies
(1.2 Megabytes)

A Clinical Trial on ML830 Low Level Laser Therapy as a Pain Control Modality By Bruce Gundersen, DC, FACO (299 kilobyte)

Trigger Point Injections, Techniques, Pitfalls and Alternatives by Bernard Filner, MD (1.1 Megabytes)

Fibromyalgia, Myofascial Pain Syndrome by Bernard Filner, MD (1.1 Megabytes)

Low Level Laser Therapy - A Clinician's View, published in Practical Pain Management, Oct. 2006 by Bernard Filner, MD (9.6 Megabytes)

Oncology - LLLT combined with chemo therapy patients by Bernard Filner, MD (1.1 Megabytes)

Laser Therapy Compared to L.E.D. Therapy (519 Kb)

Ohshiro Laser Therapy 27 Years of Laser Treatment: A Personal Perspective (1.13 Mb)
Toshio Ohshiro, M.D. Japan Medical Laser Laboratory, Shinanomachi, and the Ohshiro Clinics, Shinanomachi and Ginza, Tokyo, Japan
Doctor Toshiro Ohshiro presents a twenty-seven year retrospective overview of his work in laser surgery and, more specifically, laser therapy, during which over 45,000 patients have been treated at the author's clinics as of June 2001.

Class III Laser Therapy vs Class IV Laser Therapy

Too Much Power Inhibits Healing. Read this study to better understand the importance of using the correct power in Laser Therapy.

Class IV Laser Biphasic Dose Biphasic Dose Response in Low Level Light Therapy: Ying-Ying Huang; Aaron C.-H. Chen; James D. Carroll; Michael R. Hamblin (4.1 Megabytes)

Read This Before Making Any Laser Therapy Purchase.

Laser Therapy Myths How Not to Promote Laser Therapy: Tuner, Hode, & Jenkins (54 Kilobytes)